Supplies And Gifts for Education

Poverty alleviation through education.  

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fiere abdul S.A.G.E is a non profit campaign that unites people from all over the world in the common cause of educating children in Sierra Leone, the poorest country on earth. Through a simple, common sense method this program aspires to alleviate poverty through education.

Sierra Leone's civil war wiped out schools all over the country. By 1996, an estimated 70% of Sierra Leonean children weren't attending school. Ten thousand of these children were subject to the horror of becoming child soldiers. Today, Sierra Leone is struggling to reverse these trends.

Through our network of volunteers and the generosity of our sponsors S.A.G.E furnishes schools in Sierra Leone with learning tools and teaching equipment. We accept pledges of new and used items that sponsors send directly to schools in Sierra Leone, directly and immediately improving the quality of education for the students.

S.A.G.E does not accept cash on behalf of the schools so that those in need benefit from 100% of our sponsors' generosity.

S.A.G.E is nonpartisan. Our only goal is to help improve education in Sierra Leone.

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Telephone: +46 (0)73 550 6468
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